Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

I have done less this holiday season than I have ever done. I put up Christmas themed kitchen towels that have a little holly on them. I put a beautiful lit white ceramic Christmas tree up that Tess can see from bed. Her BFF gave it to her over 30 years ago. I liked how the lights reflected off of the silhouette of the two dancing women.

Now, if I owned these dogs things would have been decorated a little more.

Better than those dogs decorating for us was the surprise that Max and his wife snuck in and set up in the back yard while we slept. Max made the tree top decoration. He also made gigantic ones to hang in the huge pepper tree all year long. He is going to hang them next week and then I will post another picture.

We always get together as a family on Christmas Eve. When Max and Ace were little their dad would take them skiing the week after Christmas leaving on Christmas day so Christmas Eve as my time with my sons has kind of stuck. I am sure it will change when grandchildren enter the picture. Everyone has more or less been flexible with the holiday celebrations and dinners.

So last night, we had Lasagna, salad, ravioli and some great sparkling pear cider. There was a wonderful tray of goodies. Since I haven't been eating goodies in two months, I will tell you although I thoroughly enjoyed the few I indulged in, well, they made me a little sick. My tummy totally rejected it. They sent the tray of goodies home with us but it will be slowly picked at and only until the new year begins. Diet time again. I learned my lesson last night.

I got a magic bullet. The one for food. LOL I wanted one and now smoothies are going to be a snap.

Great fun was had by all and we were home and in bed by 9 PM. I cannot ever remember being in bed on Christmas Eve before 2AM.

Today I put on my red night gown and will stay in in all day. I may watch TV or just climb back in bed and take a nice nap.

I wish all of you a beautiful and safe day. Merry Christmas!


goooooood girl said...

your blog is feel good......

Margo Moon said...

Happy Holidays to you and Tess!

Great dogs.

And great of you to put all less pure thoughts to rest by immediately following "I got a magic bullet" with "The one for food."