Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Here it is New Year's Eve and I am sitting here alone, Tess has already gone to bed, but she requested if I am up when the ball drops,that I wake her. I told her I would record it and she could pretend it was happening whenever she watched it. Then she became insistent that I wake her if I am up. I was not planing on watching the ball drop. Enough balls drop daily in my life.

Tess had some x-rays done this week. They were hard on her but her primary doctor wanted them so we did that.

Back in October, I was in a minor fender bender. Well, not exactly my fender, his... yes. He hit me as I was driving by the post office. He was exiting it. My car ran and I was in no hurry to get it repaired, so I waited a couple of months to take it to the body shop. Last week it was raining like hell and the window(on the side that was hit) would not stay up, I was more or less forced to take it in.

The body shop gave me a loaner car #1. Nice of them. Really, it was. I have ins. that would have covered the rental of a nice new car but the loaner car #1 was convenient. I am into convenient. They did put in a new battery.

First time I go to use the car, it has a dead battery. NO problem. I called them, they came out immediately and jumped it. Started right up. Good to go.

A few days later I wanted to go to the store. You guessed it. DEAD. I used Ace's truck to run my errands and life went on without a glitch.

Monday morning, the day Tess had the x-rays scheduled, I called the body shop to let them know the battery died again. They bring me Loaner #2. A low rider type car with shiny rims and those small tires, smells like a Las Vegas circa 1990- when they allowed smoking in the casinos. Every time I get into that car I wonder how I smoked for as long as I did. I am sure my car smelled like Loaner # 2. The guy who brought it out to me said it was his personal car. Personal ashtray. The top speed you should drive in the ashtray is about 20MPH. Ace told me 35MPH was too fast.

After nearly two weeks away from the gym I was finally able to go back. I really missed the workouts and was happy to be able to go again. I love this gym and the people who work there are so much fun.

In the past I have joined gyms and then never wanted to go. I think it was usually around this time of year too. The busy years when gyms just seemed to never fit my schedule or I never had the desire to go workout or both. A lot of my friends are members of various gyms and my BFF, Tia, is a health nut so I am surrounded label readers. That is what I call them, the ones who watch every carb they ingest. They block the store isles reading the backs of potato chip bags.

I went to Costco today. Trust me, I would never go there on a day before a holiday if it wasn't 100% necessary. Tess needed me to pick up a medication she could not wait until Friday for. Sheesh. The lines were insane. The guy in front of me bought a new HP computer and a lot of other office supplies. His bill was about $1100. and he pulls out this brown paper lunch bag and proceeds to pull out a wad of money. All small bills. OMG. I busted up laughing. My chicken tenders just about thawed. That whole deal took about 20 minutes to complete. The checker and he kept passing this one poor $5 dollar bill back and forth. He refused to take his change too. Weird.

Back to my week. I have been reading Spiritual Liberation by Michael Bernard Beckwith which has inspired me to jot down a few things that I would like to affirm for myself in 2009. I made a short list of feelings I would like to experience more and just a general way of life I would like to embrace.

I live my life feeling.....

Happy New Year


Donna said...

And happy New Year to you, my friend. May 2009 treat you kindly.

Margo Moon said...

Nice, the way you segue in and out, each turn pivoting on the perfect small detail.

I sabotaged myself in reading your list, though. When I got to 'humility' I accidentally read it 'humidity.' Then I thought, 'What the heck?' and read it again. Cracked up.

Happy New Year!

Butch Boo said...

Happy New Year- great list.

Humidity would be a great one if you had a dry sense of humour!!!



Lover of Life said...

Hi Rose, I noticed that you commented on my blog and I just wanted to say it was Bernard Madoff, not Rachel Maddof that I didn't think much of. I love Rachel - my husband and I watch her every weekday evening. She is very smart - and we look forward to her career really taking off. She and Bernie are very different characters, so I had to straighten that out. Happy New Year!

Maria said...

Bing goes to a gym every day and one of her major gripes is that in January, it is packed to the rafters with whom she calls "short timers." Just yesterday she came home all pissed off because "some fat lady" was using "her" sauna. Apparently, the woman did not know that it is reserved privately for Bing from 3-3:15!

Bing would love it if I joined with her but I just don't think I would do well. Walking the dog daily is about as ambitious as I get.