Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I am so frustrated being injured. I do not know how Tess has been able to be in the kind of pain she is in for as long as she has because four days is enough for me. I am hopeful that her surgeries will be scheduled before too long. She is more patient than I am. She has had to learn to be.

My chiropractor told me that she didn’t think I would be able to go to the gym for a least a week. She massaged my muscles a little before the adjustment and told me I felt like I was firming up. That made me feel great because I had really been putting my all into each workout. I will miss the workouts, which is something that surprises me.

Son Max took me to the appointment yesterday and we stopped for Thai Food on the way home. Spicy coconut chicken soup was perfect. I love Thai Food. There are four Thai restaurants within a two-mile radius of my house. Life is good.

Son Ace took me to my appointment today and we had a mahi mahi sandwich for lunch. We ate in a burger joint but I avoided the beef. The fish was a nice change. It wasn’t like eating in Hawaii but it was nice not to have to cook. There was a seafood restaurant next door which would have been a better choice for the fish.

I canceled all my appointments for today and spread them out over the rest of the week. I am thankful Tess doesn’t have any doctor’s appointments this week because driving would be a tough thing to do, besides helping her up and down the stairs or in and out of the car would have been next to impossible for me to do. I am having another adjustment myself tomorrow and I hope to have progressed enough to skip Thursday.

I am feeling much better. The pain is more centralized and less intense. I am off to bed now and I hope I sleep better than I have the last few nights.


Donna said...

Sounds like maybe you're on the mend. Here's hoping!

Margo Moon said...

I'm envisioning you both comfortable and mobile. Keep taking care.