Friday, November 28, 2008

Results- NO Peel Egg Peeling

Yesterday morning I was so optimistic that I had found a way to save time and make my life flow a little smoother when preparing the much accurately named Deviled Eggs. I mean, after all, I even shared the YouTube video that someone made to assist me in egg 'no peeling' bliss. WRONG. Have you ever blown several dozen balloons? You know how those glands right below you ears kind of hurt afterwards? I had forgotten about that until I attempted to "blow" the first egg. NOPE that sucker was not about to be blown from it's shell. I quit trying the method I posted about in this post after three failed attempts. Egg Blow Job I even attempted to use water pressure to force the interior egg from the safety of it's shell. NOPE, but now there was water all over the kitchen. I momentarily wished I owned one of those big air compressors, because I really wanted that egg to come out the other end in one piece or even at all. I went back to the old method of peeling. Thankfully, they did peel without ending up looking all mangled.
Okay, I lied. I did try blowing the last egg (#24) and quickly was reminded of the definition of know the one I mean. Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.
I am now left wondering if maybe I boiled the eggs in the wrong kind of pan, but, I will never really know the answer since I don't think I will ever attempt the NO Peel way again.


Cris said...

I was hoping you would have good results with this method.
the only trick I know of to making eggs peel better is never to use fresh eggs.

I will be watching for the results of your continued study on this topic.


Margo Moon said...

Dang. I really wanted it to work like in the video, too! Are you sure there isn't some trick to the way he broke the ends? I mean, he didn't go into much detail about that part.

Anyway, my girlfriend lets the eggs sit outside the fridge for just a while before she puts them into the water. Let's them get near room temperature first, and she claims that really helps with the peeling.

D said...

thanks for the comment left on my blog to get alerts when comments are left. Not exactly sure why you left it but thanks. I do get alerts emailed when comments are left... what I don't get is the email address of the person leaving the comment... I think you had my note on the tag confused a bit.
thanks again

~~Kristal~~ said...

Have you tried the pin prick method. Before you boil the eggs you make a small pin prick on the end with the air pocket and then put them in the water and cook as usual. You might see a little bit flow out of a few but not much and after cooking and soaking in ice they peel very nicely. Just thought I would share :-)


Maria said...

That sounds vaguely like cooking...and I don't do that dance.